College Girl Casuals – Fall Edit


Hey there!! We are back with brand new Style Spices. It’s Fall time and by now mostly everyone has started with their colleges. Whether a Fresher or a Final-year Senior looking Stylish is necessary for every college girl, isn’t it? However, college is not a Runway that you are gonna do fashion parades and look fancy all the time. You are supposed to take classes and sit through lectures for long hours (That’s Reality!!) and may be later you and your pals head out for hanging to have fun. Meaning you struggle to choose between fashion and comfort. Well, between this tug of war you wanna let comfort win. (Believe us, comfort always wins) And nothing feels more comfy than Casual outfits.

Casual outfits are all about comfort, individuality and PERFECT for College. Therefore most of the college girls throw on some Casuals and feel like good to go. But picking out outfit everyday might become overwhelming and sometimes stressful. Even though we have tons of clothes in our closet, we can’t figure out what to wear (Been there done that). Seriously! College life is for fun, not for stressing over ‘what to wear’ (leave it for Grades and may be Boyfriends haha). So don’t sweat, your favorite gals are here for the rescue. We are spilling the beans on our secret formula of How to create Easy yet Chic Outfits for college.

Our formula is pretty simple- Target on Wardrobe Essentials. We literally swear by this one. Skinny Jeans, Slogan Tees, Comfy Tops, Tanks, Tunics, Shirts, Leggings, Trousers, Sneakers, Heeled Sandals, Flats, Scarfs, Belts. All these basic items can be found in almost every girls’ closet, correct? You can simply create endless casual looks using them. Wear them with this and that, mix & match and still never go wrong with any of them. Throw on some cool layers like Denim/Utility/Biker Jackets, Bombers, Shrugs, Cardigans and Voila!! You are good to go for winter as well. Hence investing in such fashion staples is always a good idea rather than piling on trendy clothes. Play smart and make the most of what you have got bcos babes gotta stick to the budget as well.

There are also few super fashionable TV shows like Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, One tree Hill, Stranger Things. Watch them for endless outfit inspiration to pull off simply WOW College Looks.

Here are our College Girl Looks and as they say “An outfit says a lot about a person.” You can also try figure out our personalities from our outfits.





Chhaya’s Queen Bee Look

Top : Shein (Buy Here)

Jeans : Topshop (Old One)

Belt : StalkBuyLove (Buy Similar Here)

Bag : Koovs (Buy Similar Here)

Heels : Catwalk (Buy Here)





Ami’s Effortless Lazy Girl Look

Top : Shein (Buy Here)

Leggings : Koovs (Buy Similar Here)

Sneakers : My Foot Couture (Old One)

Bag : Lino Perros (Buy Here)





Shaili’s Lively Free Spirited Look

Tee : H&M (Buy Here)

Trouser : Shein  (Buy Similar Here)

Flats : Dorothy Perkins (Buy Here)

Bag : Forever 21 (Buy Here)

Scarf : Romwe (Buy Similar Here)

Hope you guys love our outfits and ideas. One last piece of advice we wanna give is that in the end wear something in which you feel like yourself. Don’t care about others. Just explore and be yourself. After all that’s what college is all about right!! Live and enjoy every moments of your college life cos once it’s gone it ain’t coming back. Damn! we miss our college days (fine no need to be emotional about it cos after college life ain’t that bad it actually gets better).

So that’s it for today. We will see you soon of course with exciting new style spices. Until next time.

Lots of Love


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