Spring/Summer 2018 Fashion Trends : SS’s Top Picks


Hey there Fashion Lovers!! “Spring/Summer” the season of blooms, sunshine & sun kissed skin is on roll now. Since brand new season comes with brand new fashion, we must bid adieu to those last season’s dreamy fur jackets, Victorian collars & velvets (no matter how much we love them and don’t wanna let them go). It’s high time to introduce new styles of this hot season and give a fashion upgrade to wardrobe.

Being fashion bloggers we have to shop strategically. To stand out as fashion influencers in crowd we must showcase trending fashion. However, buying trendy fashion has its own pros and cons. So just to look like a fashion girl, we can’t afford to invest in all the trending pieces which may become out of style next season. Therefore before shopping for any season we like to do our homework (like doing thorough research on Fashion weeks). Then we choose such trendy styles only which fall under our personal style category (styles we would like to wear again and again). Hence, we have shortlisted top notch trends of Spring/Summer 2018 which can be kept in closet even after the season changes.

So let’s start with the highlights of Spring/Summer 2018 Fashion Trends.

“From bright bold colors to gelato pastel this Spring/Summer 2018 Fashion is all color extravaganza. Rainbows, logos and fanny packs are smacking the Street Style Fashion. Ruffles, Florals, Sequins, Sheer and Big shoulders are ruling this season too but with variations of course. Look feminine with Pencil skirts, Polka Dots and Cinderella shoes or Go raw with Fringes and Cowboy Boots. Suit up, Revamp the 80’s Fashion day & night, Buckle up your Waist. Plaster the Plastics in everything. Use your imagination styling trench coats this summer. Last but not the least Biker shorts and Ugly Sneakers, these two are the best ones from the lot no one saw coming!!”

Too much of highlights huh?! Let’s head straight to our top 10 picks from Spring/Summer 2018 Fashion Trends. Just to give you heads up, you will be seeing us wearing these styles at this space in upcoming post for sure.

1. Bold Colors

This summer shine bright with bold colours. Wearing loud bright colours for top and bottom is the signature style of this season. A must try combo is Fuchsia Pink with Red to look like a fashionista.


2. Ice-cream Pastels

Stock up a palette of gelato mix Lilac, Lemon and Strawberry Sorbet, Mint Green, Duck Egg Blue. Pairing candy colour hues and look like an ice cream is trend of the season.


3. Polka Dots

Our fav trend from fall 2017 Polka dots is sticking around for the spring too. This season dot print is not restricted to feminine dresses and blouses, it has turned sporty.


4. Loud Logos

Logos are plastered on almost everything this season. Tees, bags, belts, bra straps are screaming loud with brand logos. Don’t be ashamed in flaunting your luxury logo head toe.


5. Bum Bags

Fanny pack, bum bag, belt bag call it what you want but you gotta buy these babies b’coz they have literally taken over the fashionville. Be it princess dress or super smart suits, you can style them with anything everything.


6. Rainbow Stripes

This season go colorful with stripes. Runways and street style stars are ushering multi-color hues in Dresses, T-shirts, Skirts, Rompers, Suits almost everything and we are excited to try this unicorn look.


7. Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirt is one of the trends we rejoicing over for big come back. Because this season the feminine garment has shimmied out of the boardroom into day and disco gear. Go ahead and accentuate your curves & waist.


8. Trouser Suit

Powerful and stylish these two piece designs are far from ordinary this season. Be bold and daring with these two. Add casual touch by adding tees instead of shirts or split the suit and wear either of them with vibrant colors and patterns.


9. Plastic

Plastic is a prominent look of this season. Transparent, Clear, PVC in variety of shades, wipe clean, wet look is a smart way to make a climate change statement. Plastic is a must add piece to the closet  to go waterproof and stylish.


10. Fringes

Dreamy Fringes made comeback this season and swishing across necks, hemlines, bags almost everything. Magical tiered fringe skirt and dress are two things we are digging this season. Also don’t miss out on Fringe boots, bags.


Other Trends

Apart from these ten trends there are several trends worth trying like 80’s fashion for casual and party wear, biker shorts and ugly sneakers in athleisure fashion, cowboy boots with feminine dresses, furniture floral, sparkly Cinderella shoes, check and plaid prints, sheer, sequins, trench coats, ruffles and big puffy shoulders.


So gals this is pretty much it about SS 2018 Fashion Trends. Choose your dresses wisely cos every summer has a story and you wanna look like sunshine in yours!! See you soon with all new Summer Styles!! Until next time stay spicy.

Lots of Love


P.C. All  pictures are assembled from pinterest

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