Vintage Vibes – Old School Fashion with Contemporary Styles


Hello Beautiful Divas!! Happy Friday to you all!! Hope all of you are fit and fine. Today we want you to be ready for some explosions b’coz this post is totally experimental. Lately we have had a craving of trying something different like wearing dresses from different era. So we could not think of anything but wearing vintage and fulfill our wistful wish of dressing up like vintage dolls. So buckle up gals as we are going for a time travel!!

As astonishing as vintage fashion looks, pulling off old-fashioned clothes is tricky. If not styled with caution, you might end up looking like wearing a costume which is the last thing you want. Hence, if you are not pro, it’s better to have a mix of vintage fashion with contemporary styles. Therefore we played safe and assembled top fashion staples of vintage era which are currently in trend like

1930’s Culottes

 The credit for the comeback of super comfy and breezy culottes goes to Fashion bloggers and Street style Stars. It is a hit style for uptown chic as well as downtown cool. Whether going for a date or brunch or even work culottes have become the go to outfit.

1940’s Sheer Blouse

Sexy black sheer blouse with black bra has been the boldest trend of 2017. This sultry style allows you showing off your skin while shielding your body. Celebs like Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez have taken this style to next level last year.

1960’s Gingham Trouser

Alexa Chug’s crisp gingham trouser look brought back pretty, peppy and playful Gingham in trend, though gingham trend is one of the trends which hardly disappeared. The original gingham-wearer was none other than royalty of England Princess Diana.

1970’s One shoulder and Ruffles

You have seen Mandy Moore and Margot Robbie wearing sexy one shoulder in recent awards. One shoulder and ruffles have been rolling over red carpet and runways since 2016. There is no doubt that it’s totally a statement piece.

1980’s High-waisted Jeans

 From Selena Gomez to Jessica Alba and Kendall Jenner to Victoria Beckham all these celebrities are often seen wearing high waisted jeans. High waisted jeans is an ultimate power to pull off an alluring look that not only enhance the curves of your waist but also shows off those toned legs.

1990’s Bandana

 Bandana made its come back in 2016. This is a very versatile piece of accessory. It can be styled in dozens of way and looks super cool and chic.

1990’s Small sunglasses

 Super model sisters duo Bella Hadid & Gigi Hadid has spread this Ultra-small sunglasses(Matrix Reboot) Trend like a wildfire. This is going to be the major trend of 2018.

We have taken inspiration from some vintage beauties in our styling to give the extra edge. Legendary Divas like Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Monica Bellucci, Princess Diana were the biggest styles icons of their times and we admire their bold and beautiful styles.







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Culottes:  Origami Lily shop here

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 Jeans: New Look

Bandana: Shein shop here






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Glasses: Shein shop here

We hope you enjoyed this little vintage experiment of ours. After all fashion is all about experimenting, right?! As Marilyn Monroe said “It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” We kinda believe that too ;p

Do leave you lovely comments below and shower your love. We shall meet again with some more interesting styles. Until then keep it spicy gals.

Lots of Love


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