Winter LookBook – Chapter 2

Hello!! How are you all?? Enjoying this chilly winter?! We are enjoying it quite a lot b’coz playing a challenging Dress-up game is our favorite task 😀 (we are pretty competitive :p) Today we are here with the second chapter of our WinterLookBook. This LookBook falls in our one of “the most spontaneous looks we have ever created” category and all the credit goes to Shaili!!

So the story goes like this, It was same old lazy Sunday afternoon and we were watching Gossip Girl until we decided to go out. That led to same old drama of every single girl of this planet “WHAT TO WEAR??” This is actually a super annoying question to crack, especially when it’s cold outside as you have to wear warm clothes but wanna look hot as well. So to sort this situation Shaili took charge and pulled together these looks from our winter closet within a minute (genius isn’t it!? she is actually the fastest decision maker amongst us) Besides three of got ready in a record breaking time of 30 minutes including makeup (no bragging!! hehe) It was actually the happiest moment for us as we got ready before time with no single drama!! Since we had plenty of time to kill before reaching to our hang out place, we decided to shoot these looks for the second chapter of our Winter LookBook!! We also gave silly one liners to our looks. (fashion freaks alert) Do let us know what do you think about these looks?!

Chhaya’s “Who says you can’t wear your favourite little black dress in winter” Look

As soon as winter season arrives we have to say bye bye to all our short dresses with heavy heart even Little Black Dress!! But Chhaya is a die hard fan of short dresses. She wanted wear her fav LBD (Little Black Dress) only and she did!!Just by adding a casual blazer and knee length socks as cover ups to fight this chilly weather. Isn’t it a perfect look!? You can also try winter statement knee length boots as well.

Winter LookBook
Dress: Forever, Blazer: Raindrops, Earrings: ToniQ, Bag: Lavie, Glasses: Eristona, Heels: Shuz Touch, Socks: Shein

Ami’s “The ways of making a boring sweater sexy actually exists” Look 

Winter is a sweater season but eventually wearing sweaters becomes so boring. But who knew combining a boring off shoulder sweater with an oversized corset belt (which was lying dead in the closet for ages) can work wonders. Corset belt adds the sexiness to any outfit. Because of this belt this look turns out to be smoking hot!! Corset belt is a fashion statement nowadays and a must try.

Sweater: Akiva (From Koovs) Leggings: Boohoo, Corset Belt: Style Fiesta, Bag: Koovs, Boots: Qupid, Glasses: New Look

Shaili’s “The sweet school girl gotta look stylish as well” Look 

-Flared short skirt with tights is surely a schoolgirl’s attire but this one is a hit fashion trend this winter. Wearing tights/pantyhose/stockings in different colours and designs is a major fashion fever this year. This mehndi design pantyhose looks super stylish with cold shoulder sweatshirt with patches makes this school girl dress code too stylish for street style fashion.

Sweatshirt: Evah London, Skirt & Belt: New Look, Boots: Bruno Manetti, Tights: Golden Girl, Clutch: Koovs, Earrings & Glasses: Shein

We hope you guys find these looks spicy enough to fire up the cold winter!! We shall meet again with more fashion & styles. Until next time.

Lots of Love



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