NYE Party Dressup

Hello Party People!!

Can you believe it’s the last day of 2k17?! Today’s the day almost everyone awaits for one thing that is partying and dancing the night away!! (alright, that’s two things :p) The count down for New Year’s Eve has already begun. There are only couple of hours to go to welcome the brand new year of 2k18 and the excitement level is souring up to start NYE Party!!

Well, speaking of party.. How’s your preparations going on to rock tonight’s Party?? By now each and everyone must be having a full proof plan with them like which theme/dinner party to attend, after that whose house party to crash, called up your gang to be there on time, arranging your ride back home and blah blah blah. Everything is sorted, isn’t it?!Great job!! High five!!

Now the most important question, “Have you decided what you are going to wear tonight ??” B’coz all the hard work of planning a perfect party would only pay off if you make a grand appearance in a PERFECT DRESS. Soo please don’t say you had been caught up in planning a Perfect Party and totally forgot about the outfit but you would definitely buy something. Only if you are lucky enough you to find something in last moments!!And believe us last minute rush shopping is a risky business. So why to take any chance on the last day of the year which you are supposed to spend partying and enjoying!!

We have got a Fail proof idea for last minute Party dress up for you.(already tried and tested successfully on ourselves!!)This will not only save you from all the panic of the last moment shopping but also your money!! So here it goes follow the simple two steps to find your Perfect Dress from your own closet!! (Yesss, you heard it right)

Step One – Open your closet and stare at all the outfits hanging there. Yeah do it!! You would find some regular/boring clothes and some special and your favourite ones. Now among your favourite ones there will be definitely a few which you would have hardly worn once or twice or never. Time to bring those babies out b’coz one of them will be your dress of the evening.

Step Two – Now it’s time to select one outfit from your favourite ones. Here are some tips to help you decide which one is your Party Prefect Dress

Tip no. 1 – Go with bright, dark colours anything that looks sparkly, shiny, catchy something with sequin go for it because it’s paaartyy!!

Tip no. 2- If you’re repeating any outfit make sure you don’t have the photos in that outfit on Instagram if you have not then you can totally repeat it!!

Tip no. 3- This is the final tip. Select the hottest outfit from the lot. As long as your dress is smoking hot, you are solid.

So there you go, found your Perfect Dress from you own closet!! We did the same and created our party look from these sexy dresses lying in our closet, and we are totally killing it, aren’t we?!

And at last put on some glam makeup, sky high heels, some statement jewellery and your million dollar smile then you are ready to Rock and Roll!!

Dress: Besiva, Heels: Cupid, Earrings: SheIn, Ring: ToniQ

Dress: Vero Moda, Heels: Carlton London, Bracelet: Forever21, Earrings: SheIn

Dress: Forever21, Heels: Bruno Manetti, Earrings & Bodychain: SheIn, Cuff: Forever21

So guys, we hope these last minute tips were helpful. Do share your NYE party stories with us, we would love to hear them!!

Wish you a very Happy and blessed New Year in advance!! Have a blast eve, Party hard!!

We will meet next year with more interesting spices..

Lots of love


Location courtesy: BamboozaCafe

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