Our Top 20 Online Shopping Websites

Hellooo There!!

How are you doing guys?! Christmas Holidays are about to begin and I am super excited for this season especially New Year’s Eve because it brings by another excuse for shopping!! And who doesn’t like shopping? Three of us are crazy shopping freaks but I have to admit I am the craziest and I don’t mind confessing “I am Ami Sanghvi, I am a shopaholic and I am helping the economy” (Hahaha :D)

Yeah that’s true I am a crazy shopaholic and to be precise I have online shopping mania!! There are around two dozen shopping apps currently lying in my iPhone and four dozen shopping websites bookmarked in safari!! During my free time you would find me doing online window shopping & wishlisting. I eagerly wait for the salary day for only one reason i.e. when salary arrives I can finally get to hit the order button which brings waves of sheer joy and happiness in my life!! (ohhh! I love that feeling)  Sometimes I go out of control Chhaya, Shaili and Smit (our bro) hold interventions for me and make me delete all the shopping apps which happens a lot when we are on budget. True Story!!

Oh my God!! I just realized I sound totally insane but who cares people invest in stocks we invest in clothes and creating the dream wardrobe for three fashionistas takes a lot of shopping!! But trust me guys, Once you would hear my top five reasons why I am crazy for online shopping you will also agree online shopping is the best thing that has ever happened to mankind.

Convenient & Comfort- You can shop any time, from anywhere, you don’t have to get out of your bed, change your sweatpants, driving through traffic, find a parking space, and waste your fuel. You can simply sit home, find what you like and get it delivered at your doorstep!! Score!!

Deals & Discounts- To be very frank I have never seen any great deals or discounts in any off-line stores ever. The reason these online stores afford to come up with great deals is that they sell directly from manufacturers and have huge collaborations.

Comparison & Reviews- In online shopping you have more buying options than off-line. You can compare products from different websites even read the reviews of real buyers.

Avoid people- Those who are not very fond of human interactions like running into some unwanted people, dealing with crowd, salespeople, long lines and babies who won’t stop crying. Online shopping is a blessing for those kind of people (FYI we are one of those kinds and therefore this is personally our favorite reason)

Self Gift- Well this one is my personal favorite 😀 It feels like Christmas when your package arrives, like a gift for me from me!!! Isn’t it wonderful?!

So now that you all are convinced that online shopping is great you must be having questions in your head like where to shop, how can I buy anything without seeing or trying, the product would be genuine or not, how to return if I don’t like the product, after returning will I get my refund or not and etc etc. Well, being a self-proclaimed “Online Shopping Guru” I have some pointers for you guys which can be helpful if you are shopping online for the first time.

-Go through the shopping policies thoroughly before placing your order especially regarding shipping/returns/exchange/refunds to make sure what you are getting into because all the websites do not follow same policies.

-For color selection you gotta go with your instinct because you know which color would suit you better than anyone else.

-For size refer to the size charts specifically given on the product page for accurate size because different brands have different measurements.

-If you ever find any trouble regarding shopping always reach out to customer support provided by the shopping websites.

-And at last you gotta have a little trust on seller as well because even after being too much careful all you can do is to trust.

I can understand if you are shopping online for the first time it’s hard to trust and you end up avoiding it. That’s how you never shop online and you never get to know that you’re missing out on such a great thing (which is sad) If you don’t trust all these websites you can surely trust us right?? I will give you our top 20 online shopping destinations. I usually buy almost all of our stuffs from these places, stalk the collections and deals on regular basis (that is almost everyday) and simply love them. I bet you would like these websites too and you can thank me later after buying your happiness!!

So here it goes our Top 20 Online Shopping Websites:

First four websites are our go-to fashion stores so you can totally trust them. They are basically top online Fashion stores in India. They have the widest range in western, indo-western, ethnic wear for women, men & kids and the latest collections of millions of brands from Indian to International to In-House brands under one roof. It’s really easy to order and return/exchange/refund process is very fast.

1) Myntra –  https://www.myntra.com/

They say they’re India’s no.1 fashion store and they are there is no doubt about it. The famous End of Reason Sale aka EORS is currently going on right now which comes four -five times a year (mostly during festival times) where you can find amazing discounts which can’t be missed.

2) Jabong – https://www.jabong.com/

Jabong is also one of the best online fashion stores in India. Now that it had been taken over by Myntra you can get similar deals and similar collections over here. Though there are some brands which you won’t find anywhere but here. 

3) Amazon – https://www.amazon.in/

If you don’t find it anywhere you will definitely find it from Amazon. Amazon Fashion store also offers International store access from where you can find all high-end brands at your doorstep just by paying some duties. Right now Amazon Fashion Wardrobe Refresh Sale is going on where you can find great deals on top brands and its famous Great Indian Sale is also something to look forward to for mind blowing deals on almost everything.

4) Flipkart – https://www.flipkart.com/

Flipkart also have a wide range of collection in fashion and lifestyle. Recently Flipkart had New Pinch Sale and from today Flipkart Fashion Days End of year Bonanza has started which will grab you some great deals for sure. Apart from these sales Flipkart is popular for its Big Billion Sale where you can find jaw-dropping blockbuster offers.

Now next two websites are topping the list because of their very fine and extraordinary collections.

5) Koovs – http://www.koovs.com/

The reason of having soft corner for Koovs is that it offers western wear only. The collection is crème and refined especially of its in-house brand. Besides the Special Edition collaborated collections with famous celebs, designers and bloggers are just amazing.

6) Ajio – https://www.ajio.com/shop/women

Ajio has the handpicked collection of western and ethnic wear. And the collection is just awesome you will find the best shortlisted fashion in one place which is actually amazing and saves a lot of time.

Following six websites are specific Brand’s Online Stores where you can find latest collections of the season which sometimes are not available in physical stores or in some cases the physical store of your favourite brand ain’t available in your city then you can totally shop from its website!!

7) Forever 21 – http://www.forever21.com/IN

Forever 21 is basically everything girl’s favorite Brand. Though the Forever 21 has recently opened in Ahmedabad and you can find exclusive collection on Myntra, Jabong and  Amazon but I personally like the  website collection b’cos it quite different and just fab.

8) Zara – https://www.zara.com/in/

Zara is the brand which has a special place in every woman’s heart and wardrobe. This is one brand that a woman will die for!! They have recently opened online store in India, which is like a blessing for all the girls living in Ahmedabad as we do not have any off-line store over here.

9) Mango – https://shop.mango.com/in

Mango a famous High street brand from Spain is the brand every girl wants to have to show off as status symbol. You can find Mango collection from Myntra and Jabong but website has wider range.

10) StalkBuyLove – https://www.stalkbuylove.com/

SBL is becoming one brand that every girl in India is been crushing on because it’s very affordable. It is inspired by European fashion trends and they refresh their collection almost everyday so that you can look stylish without hurting your pocket.

11) SHEIN – http://www.shein.in

SHEIN is a premiere destination for affordable contemporary women’s fashion. I think I have come across the cutest, sexiest and the most stylish collection ever!! Lately I have been ordering from this place a lot and my experience has been great.

12) Only – http://www.only.in/ 

Only is one of the popular international brands  in India for causal fashion. It is available on many online stores as well as offline but the latest collection of seasons first lands on its website only.

Following two websites are specifically for makeup and beauty products shopping. Yes, the life becomes too easy if you can buy your cosmetics online!!

13) Nykaa – http://www.nykaa.com

Nykaa is India’s no.1 online make up & beauty store. Here you can find all kind of cosmetics, skincare and wellness products from top brands of drugstore to highend. You can also get great deals and discounts here.

14) Purplle – https://www.purplle.com

Purplle is also a good option for online makeup and skincare shopping. Moreover you can book an salon appointment and get great deals.

Following two websites are for Fashion Jewellery & Accessories. We used to prefer shopping fashion jewelleries and accessories from offline stores but after seeing the online collections you would also wanna switch to these options.

15) Pipa Bella – https://www.pipabella.com/

Pipa Bella is famous for its classy and edgy Jewellery and accessories collection. I really love their Karma Bangels, Charm Bracelets, customised Name Pendants and the gorgeous Vanity Boxes.

16) Eristona – http://www.eristona.com/

Eristona has very trendy statement fashion jewellery and accessories which are pocket friendly. I really like their quirky rings & earrings collection and the belts.

Following two websites are for shopping lingerie, intimate wear, active wear, beach & swimwear online. Frankly speaking our experience in for shopping this category online is way better than offline. You get more options, you can try at your home and return if you don’t like.

17) Zivame – https://www.zivame.com/

Zivame offers varieties of lingerie from everyday to special occasions, sexy, stylish intimate wear of various brands.

18) Pretty Secrets – https://prettysecrets.com/

Pretty secrets is a very popular brand here. You can find stylish lingerie, sexy nightwear, cute pj sets and active at very reasonable price.

Now the final two websites are International Fashion Stores. There are plenty of things that you wana buy which you can’t find in India you can shop from these places paying duties of course.

19) Nordstrom – https://shop.nordstrom.com/

Nordstrom is America’s best luxury department store. Here you can find all big fat luxury labels and their latest collections. (We have ordered sunglasses and cosmetics so far)

20) ASOS – http://www.asos.com

ASOS is English online fashion and beauty store and very popular globally. They have around global 850+ brands and collection over here. A must try. We have ordered many dresses and outwears from this place and quality is just wow.

So these are our top 20 online shopping websites. If you guys haven’t started your holiday shopping yet, then you better should because all these websites are currently playing one jingle that is Sale! Sale! Sale! and believe me you really don’t wanna miss out these exciting offers. We work hard all year long so we do deserve Self Treat. Life it too short, make every outfit count!!

Happy Shopping you guys!! Merry Christmas in advance & Happy Holidays!!



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