90’s Grunge – Winter Edit

Watsssup Mates!! Hope you are having a rocking weekend!! Winter season has started and keeping up with Fashion in this season becomes very interesting. Today we are here with the Grunge edit to give a kick start to our winter fashion. Bold and outrageous Grunge Fashion comes from early 1990s Rock Band Nirvana. They were the real trendsetter in both music and fashion who brought a new genre in these worlds which tends to stay forever.

If you are tired of all glamorous fashion and need some change do try this cool Grunge trend which will give you sexy/badass/chic look for sure. Besides this punk fashion doesn’t require much effort!! Lately the Grunge style is becoming very popular amongst celebrities as their off-the-duty casual fashion. Because it actually provides comfort and style at the same time (who wants more than that!?) that is the reason the Grunge is now a new fashion fever.

So the question is how to dress grunge?? Don’t sweat we are here for you with grunge 1O1 and you can easily create your own Grunge look!! Remember one thing Grunge is all about Comfort, layering and carelessness. Apart from these three things consider following tips for creating Grunge look and you are ready to rock!!

Top –Use crop tees, slogan tops or tank tops, signature band tees, slouchy sweater, flannel or plaid shirts, jackets.

Bottom- Wear ripped or worn out or washed denim shorts or jeans, leather skirt or leggings, fishnet or lacy stockings.

Layering – Layering is Grunge. Use long flannel shirts as tunic with leggings or leather jackets with shorts for Top layering. For bottom go with leggings or stockings either fishnets of lacy or plain and team up with shorts, skirts or jeans.

Colors – The color of grunge is black though modern grunge does include neutral, grey colors but darkness defines grunge.

Makeup and Hair – Go for really dark eyeliner with heavy mascara. Lips should always be Red, Dark  vampy red. Do your makeup and smudge lil bit. Messy, greasy hair is must because Grunge is not at all about feminine hairstyles.

 Footwear – No heels, it would be best if you can wear your Chuck Taylors pair (converse) or go for chunky shoes or boots for a Chic look.

Accessories – Slouchy beanie, cap, hat, headband, spikes, studs and zippers, round glasses. Use tiny bagpacks or crossbody bags. Try to be minimal don’t try everything.

Chhaya’s Look

Top: Chemistry, Shorts: Forever21, Socks: SHEIN, Boots: Stella, Bag: Koovs, Headband: Forever21

Ami’s Look

Top: SHEIN, Shorts: Silvian Heach, Stockings: Amazon Fashion, Shoes: Converse, Bag: Koovs

Shaili’s Look

Top: SHEIN, Shorts: Silvian Heach, Stockings: Amazon Fashion, Socks: SHEIN, Shoes: New Look, Bag: Koovs, Chocker: Forever21

For our look we have twisted a lil bit and used feminine colors instead of dark (cos we are feminists AF). Always remember never stick to any rules shmoools when it comes to Fashion. Fashion is about making your own rules, expressing yourself and owning every single room you walk into. Be Bold or Italic never Regular!!

Soo that’s it from our side. We will See yaa next time with some more interesting spices.



Links of some of the items from this look you can shop online
Mini Bagpack Over-the-knee socks Grey Cutout Hoodie Pink Sweatshirt

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